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Who we are

We are a registered non-profit organisation. Our team is made up of young professionals comprising lawyers, human rights advisors and anthropologists. Our work has received several outstanding commendations and we have received several awards for our contribution to human rights, one of which was awarded by the Attorney General of the United Kingdom.

Though most of our work has been devoted to Afghanistan, we have also supported several petitions to assist individuals from Syria and Libya.

Thematic Priorities

· Rape and sexual violence in war and peacetime context
· Gender equality in family and Islamic laws
· Islamic laws of war
· Arbitrary detention and torture

What we do

SAHR has conducted a study of over 600 legal journals and case law at regional and international courts, on rape and sexual violence in contexts of war and peace and gender equality in Islamic and international law.

Our expertise is in drafting legal arguments which fulfill international human rights standards but which arguments are framed and delivered to persuade an Islamic context.

We work with advocates to identify legal issues and study international and Islamic jurisprudence in order to advance their client’s best interests.

Our submissions have been used in Afghanistan to release women detainees, to secure their divorce from abusive spouses, and, to defend rape victims from frivolous prosecutions.


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