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In Support of Egypt’s Global Protest Against Sexual Assault

Sexual harassment and assault in Egypt has been a rather glaring concern for women and girls in the country. Although violations have been taking place even before the 2011 revolts, it was the Girl in the Blue Bra, the news of the virginity tests and Lara Logan’s story that woke the world to the harsh reality prevailing in Egypt. Though a grim reminder of the reality that challenges the women in Egypt, it is also a difficult truth to digest that these crimes came to light only because they were heinous examples. Much of the coverage no doubt, focused on the issue. But, there are instances of daily harassment that challenge women in Egypt. The laws of the nation do not help the situation much, as there are no provisions that directly target the issue.

This brief is intended to promote discussions on re-defining sex harassment and law reform. It also gives a brief example of judicial activism in Indian Courts following a sexual harassment at work incident.

Click here to read the Brief on Sex Harassment and Legal Reform in Egypt

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