Q & A

1. What the project is about (what )

  • We review case law on women’s rights from the High and Supreme Courts of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • We select relevant case law hailed as landmark precedents, as well as recent cases on a series of women’s rights/legal issues.

2. Aims of the project (why)

1. Monitor judicial trends and judicial activism in South Asian higher and lower courts.
2. Develop persuasive legal and Islamic arguments for the education, training and advocacy programs of women’s rights activists and lawyers.

3. Target audience (who)

  • Women’s rights activists and lawyers working to promote Muslim women’s rights through legislative reforms, parliamentary discourse, litigation and legal advocacy.
  • Lawyers who are developing their skills in coherently and innovatively.

4. How we do this (how)

We deconstruct cases that have come before High and Supreme Courts in South Asia, and analyse:

1. Legal questions arising before a case to show the main issues and contentious judicial questions on the application of women’s rights.
2. Islamic resources to show how authors and experts have been strategically  cited and reasoned (ijtihad) to come to gender equitable conclusions.
3. Landmark precedents to show whether judges have upheld/dissented from the same principles and why.
4. Legal reasoning to show how judges have decided each legal question utilizing case precedents, Islamic law, ijtihad and the opinions of legal authors.
5. Conclusions to show the final outcome of each legal question arising before a case and the overall judicial decision.

How can you join us?
We are constantly on the look out for committed law students with an interest in Islamic law and women’s rights.

  • We are committed to training our interns and developing their critical thinking skills in case analysis or article analysis.
  • Working Group Discussions are designed to encourage interns to share thoughts and ideas around academic literature as we aim to promote a more nuanced and multi-dimentional discourse.
  • Our Case Law Project is designed to train young lawyers how to review court cases for the purposes of advocacy and strategic litigation.

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